Filling The Corner Of Your Room With The Vase Of Memories
Posted by on Aug 23, 2011 in Gifting Ideas | 15 comments
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This vase is made by painting an earthern pot with glossy enamel (coffee beans color). The branch of a tree is drawn on a newspaper sheet and then thin jute cord are pasted as per the drawing using fevicol. It is then cut and pasted on the pot. Same technique is used in the making of two small birds. Flowers are made by folding pink velvet strings and the leaves are made by the handcuttings of green sheet. The vase is decorated using dry flower sticks and newspaper rolls wrapped in jute cords. The boudaries of the snaps are highlighted using the jute cord and is then pasted on the paper rolls.

A Vase Full Of Special Memories Of Your Special One..!!



PRICE: 44 US$ or 2000 INR

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