50 Shades Of A Complete Woman: An Exclusive & Customised Album For Mother/Mother-in-law
Posted by on Oct 21, 2010 in Albums, Scrapbooks & Magazines | 65 comments
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A Note From The Designer: This designer album is made exclusively on the 50th bday of my mom-in-law. I recalled 50 qualities of hers and then selected appropriate snaps for the respective quality from my photo-collection.

The Making: Each quality is added as text on the snap using photo editor (an example of “Smiling” quality is shown in the picture). Print-outs of the 50 pages of those 50 qualities were taken on a matt-finish photo paper which were then laminated. The 50 laminated sheets were then spiral binded along with the cover page. The cover page of the album is decorated using paper-cutting, paper flowers, butterfly sticker, florica 3-D colors and hand-written text.

An Exclusive Gift For A Very Special & Respectful Person Of Your Life.


PRICE: 80 US$ or 3500 INR.

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