‘Cre80vity’ is a facilitator of conveying your emotions & greetings in a very creative & unique manner to your special ones. It is a designer hard copy of your expressions for your soft corners. In short, ‘Cre80vity’ is a way of adding customization to your cards/gifts with its exclusive artistic touch and meticulous efforts to deliver something ‘beyond obvious’.

For Whom:

For the people who believe that a card/gift is always more than a ‘thing’. For the people who believe that cards/gifts convey emotions. For the people who know that each color, each symbol, each design, each word of a card/gift conveys a message, a feeling. It is for the people who wish to present their special ones with something exclusively designed for them.


Because ‘Cre80vity’ understands your emotions, the best. It understands that people close to heart are always unique and they deserve something unique. ‘Cre80vity’ put itself into your shoes before designing your card/gift.  It can design a card for you in purple color, yellow flowers; with a movie ticket and a candle pasted to it; with the mobile number & the first SMS you shared; with his/her snap and a space for your personal message and much more. ‘Cre80vity’ can make your loved ones recollect the beautiful moments the two of you have spent together and  can convey their  importance to them in a special manner.


By executing your personal ideas/views:

You can specify your choice of color scheme, message, thought, theme etc for the occasion and ‘Cre80vity’ will create something designer out of it.

By executing ‘Cre80vity’:

Here, you just specify the occasion & relation and ‘Cre80vity’ will make something exclusive for you, exercising its freedom to selection.

Working Principles:

  • Best out of waste
  • Exclusivity
  • Best Finesse

Deepshikha Sarda

Born : 25th December, 1982photo

Academics : B.Tech (Electronics & Controls)

Work : Ideating, executing and propagating ‘Cre80vity’

Belief : Work reflects character

Style Statement : Different & Perfect

Other Areas of Interest : Music, Dance, Reading, Event-Management

Talk@ : (+91) 9970219966